Vice President – Regional Activities and Membership
Yoshifumi Nishio

BoG Member in charge of the Region
Stefan Mozar

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New South Wales Section Chapter
(CAS/PHO/SSC/ED Society Joint Chapter)
Ediz Cetin, Chapter Chair

Victorian Section Chapter
Prashan Kandasamy, Chapter Chair


Beijing Section Chapter
Qingming Huang, Chapter Chair

Chengdu Section Chapter
(CAS/SSC Society Joint Chapter)
Qiang Li, Chapter Chair

Guangzhou Section Chapter
Xiangmin Xu, Chapter Chair

Hangzhou Chapter (Nanjing Section)
Fei Wu, Chapter Chair

Hong Kong Section Chapter
(CAS/COM Society Joint Chapter)
Ray C.C. Cheung, Chapter Chair

Macau Section Chapter
Chi-Seng Lam, Chapter Chair or

Nanjing Section Chapter
Zhen-Ya He, Chapter Chair

Shanghai Section Chapter
Peilin Liu, Chapter Chair

Shenzhen Chapter (Guangzhou Section)
Bing Li, Chapter Chair

Xian Section Chapter
Guangming Shi, Chapter Chair


India Council Chapter
J Jaya Kumari, Chapter Chair

Bangalore Section Chapter
P.V. Ananda Mohan, Chapter Chair

Delhi Section Chapter
(CAS/CS Society Joint Chapter)
Anuj Dhawan, Chapter Chair

Hyderabad Section Chapter
(CAS/ED Society Joint Chapter)

Mohammed Arifuddin Sohel, Chapter Chair

Kerala Section Chapter

Jithin Krishnan, Chapter Chair

Kolkata Section Chapter
Salil Kumar Sanyal, Chapter Chair

Uttar Pradesh Section Chapter
(CAS/SSC Society Joint Chapter)
Sudeb Dasgupta, Chapter Chair


Indonesia Section Chapter

Suhartono Tjondronegoro, Chapter Chair


Japan Joint Chapter
(Tokyo/HR/NG/SP/SE/SD Section Joint Chapter)
Mitsunori Makino, Chapter Chair

Fukuoka Section Chapter
Shigetoshi Nakatake, Chapter Chair

Kansai Section Chapter
Takao Onoye, Chapter Chair

Shikoku Section Chapter
Takashi Shimamoto, Chapter Chair


Seoul Section Chapter
Jinwook Burm, Chapter Chair

Taegu Section Chapter
Kyung Ki Kim, Chapter Chair


Malaysia Section Chapter
Mohd Nazim Mohtar, Chapter Chair


Singapore Section Chapter
Kwen-Siong Chong, Chapter Chair


Tainan Section Chapter
Kuang-Wei Cheng, Chapter Chair

Taipei Section Chapter
Hsie-Chia Chang, Chapter Chair


Thailand Section Chapter
Wanlop Surakumpontorn, Chapter Chair