Congratulations to the 2020 CAS Society Class of IEEE Fellows! Thank you for your many contributions to IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.

Elevated by CAS Society:

Alyssa Apsel

for contributions to radio frequency and optical communications circuits and systems

Ramon Carvajal

for contributions to low-voltage and low-power CMOS analog circuit design

Sen-Ching Cheung

for contributions to multimedia data processing and their applications in autism interventions

Jose De La Rosa

for contributions to delta-sigma modulators

Ramesh Karri

for contributions to and leadership in trustworthy hardware

Huazhong Yang

for low-power circuit techniques for sensor applications and design automation

Lei Zhang

for contributions to large-scale visual recognition and multimedia information retrieval

Tong Zhang

for contributions to system design and VLSI implementation for data storage

CASS Members Elevated by other IEEE Entities:

Yongzhong Zeng

for contributions to spectrum sensing and medium access control in cognitive radio

Christoforos Hadjicostis

for contributions to distributed and discrete event systems

Kwai Cheng

for contribution to electric vehicle technology and switched-capacitor power conversion

Touradj Ebrahimi

for contributions to visual information representation and assessment of quality of experience in multimedia

Yonggang Wen

for contributions to cloud systems for multimedia signal processing and communications

William Bidermann

for leadership in commercially successful image sensors and microprocessors

Eric A M Klumperink

for contributions to thermal noise cancelling and software defined radio architecture

Yiannos Manoli

for contributions to the design of integrated analog-to-digital interface circuits and energy harvesting systems

Michael Perrot

for contributions to phase-locked loop integrated circuits

Pavan V Hanumolu

for contributions to the design of mixed-signal integrated circuits

Maciej Ciesielski

for contributions to logic synthesis and formal verification of arithmetic circuits

Partha Pande

for contributions to network-on-chip architectures for manycore computing

Ravinder Dahiya

for contributions to tactile sensing