Congratulations to the 2021 CAS Society Class of IEEE Fellows! Thank you for your many contributions to IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.

Elevated by CAS Society:

Jianfei Cai

for contributions to spatio-temporal data mining and urban computing

Francis Lau

for contributions to analysis of chaotic communications systems and low-density parity-check code design

Houqiang Li

for contributions to video coding and multimedia content analysis

Jun Ohta

for contributions to CMOS image sensors and devices for biomedical applications

Guangming Shi

for contributions to image representation and image reconstruction

Meng Wang

for contributions to multimedia content analysis and retrieval

Junsong Yuan

for contributions to human behavior understanding and video analytics

CASS Members Elevated by other IEEE Entities:

Danijela Cabric

for contributions to theory and practice of spectrum sensing and cognitive radio systems

Huadong Ma

for contributions to multimedia sensor networks

Saurabh Sinha

for leading micro/nanoelectronics research and education in Africa

Xiaoping Zhang

for contributions to signal processing in finance

Ahmed Ali

for leadership in high-speed analog-to-digital converter design and calibration

Benton Calhoun

for contributions to sub-threshold integrated circuits and selfpowered systems

Yung-Hsiang Lu

for contributions to energy efficiency of computer systems