Vice President – Regional Activities and Membership
Kea-Tiong (Samuel) Tang

BoG Member in charge of the Region
Ricardo Reis

We have chapters in the following areas. To find a chapter in your region, click on the corresponding name below.


Victor Lifchitz, Chapter Chair


Northeast Brazil Section Chapter
(CAS/IM Society Joint Chapter)
Vincent Bourguet, Chapter Chair

Rio De Janeiro Section Chapter
Amaro Azevedo de Lima, Chapter Chair

Brasilia Chapter (Centro-Norte Brasil Section)
Ricardo Pezzuol Jacobi, Chapter Chair

Rio Grande do Sul Chapter (South Brazil Section)
José Rodrigo Azambuja, Chapter Chair

  • Past Chair: Ricardo Reis, UFRGS
  • Vice-Chair: Raphael Brum, UFRGS
  • Finance Chair: Paulo Butzen, FURG
  • Activities Chair: Claudio Diniz, UCPel

Santa Catarina Chapter (South Brazil Section)
(IM/CAS/COM Society Joint Chapter)
Fernando Rangel, Chapter Chair


Chile CAS/SSC/ED Joint Chapter
Victor Grimblatt, Chapter Chair


Faruk Fonthal, Chapter Chair

Costa Rica

Juan José Montero, Chapter Chair


Ramiro Taco, Chapter Chair


Mexico Section
Juan Carlos Sanchez Garcia, Chapter Chair

Puebla Section
Arturo Sarmiento Reyes, Chapter Chair

Guadalajara Section Chapter
(SP/CAS Society Joint Chapter)
Rodrigo Calderon, Chapter Chair


Mario Raffo, Chapter Chair

Western Puerto Rico

Rogelio Palomera, Chapter Chair


Pablo Perez, Chapter Chair


Adelmo A. Ortiz-Conde, Chapter Chair