November 12, 2019 to November 15, 2019
Ningbo, China

Coding of still and moving pictures, Model-based and synthetic coding, Machine learning for image and video compression, Virtual, augmented and mixed reality, 360-degree and multi-view video processing and coding, Subjective and objective quality assessment, Visual big data processing in the cloud, Coding for mobile, IP and sensor networks, Standards for visual data coding, Image coding for novel camera architectures, Distributed source coding, Joint source and channel coding, Transcoding and transcoding, Scalable image and video coding, Coding and processing for database applications, Multimodal coding and processing, Representation, analysis and coding of 3D scenes, Very high-resolution imaging, coding and processing, Error robustness, resilience and concealment, Protection and integrity of visual data, Hardware-oriented implementation architectures, New applications and techniques for visual data processing, Coding for machine intelligence, etc.