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Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) Current Lecturers

Below are the contact information and terms of the current IEEE Circuits and Systems (CAS) DLP speakers.

The abstract(s) of the Distinguished Lectures and speaker biographies are available for the 2020-2022, 2021-2022, and 2022-2023 terms.

If you are interested in inviting a DLP speaker to your region, please get in touch with your local IEEE-CASS chapter chair. Your chapter chair will submit the CASS DLP Request Form to formalize the request to sponsor a DLP lecture. Please remember to check the Education page for the latest updates.

2022 - 2023 Distinguished Lecturers
SpeakerTitle of Lecture(s)

Chuan Zhang

Lecture 1: Advanced Baseband Processing Circuits and Systems for 5G/B5G Communications

Lecture 2: Artificial Intelligence for 5G and Beyond 5G: Implementations, Algorithms, and Optimizations

Michael Peter Kennedy

Lecture 1: Recent Advances in Frequency Synthesis

Lecture 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Nonlinear Circuits and Systems

Xuan (Silvia) Zhang

Lecture 1: Exploring Autonomous Edge Intelligence in the Analog Domain

Wen-Hsiao Peng

Lecture 1: (3-hour tutorial) Advances in Design and Implementation of End-to-End Learned Image and Video Compression 

Lecture 2: (1-hour seminar) Video/Image Coding for Machines 

Yu (Kevin) Cao

Lecture 1: Reliable In-memory Computing with Unreliable Devices and Circuits

Gabriel A. Rincón-Mora

Lecture 1: Unraveling Feedback Translations

Lecture 2: Switched-Inductor Power Supplies: Compact Control Loops

Hongliang Li

Lecture 1: Multi-Modal Scene Understanding Theory and Application

Lecture 2: Visual Object Detection: Challenge and Approaches

Massimo Alioto

Lecture 1: Green Technologies for Intelligent and Connected Circuits & Systems Powered by Renewable Energy Sources 

Lecture 2: Securing the Next Trillion of Chips via In-Memory and Immersed-in-Logic Design – Beyond Traditional Design Boundaries

Partha Pratim Pande

Lecture 1: Processing-in-memory (PIM)-based Manycore Architecture for Training Graph Neural Networks

Lecture 2: Interconnect Meets Architecture: On-Chip Communication in the Age of Heterogeneity

Lecture 3: Bringing Cores Closer Together: The Wireless Revolution in On-Chip Communication

Jennifer Blain Christen

Lecture 1: Fluorescence-based Lateral Flow Immunoassays (LFIA) for Quantitative, Multiplexed Detection of HPV

Lecture 2: Low-Cost COVID-19 Diagnostics for Low Resources Settings, Bringing Point of Need Testing to Low Resource Environments

Lecture 3: Smart Nets – Machine Learning-based Approach to Protecting Marine Life

Lecture 4: Fully Passive Wireless Sensors for Biosignal Acquisition

2021 - 2022 Distinguished Lecturers
SpeakerTitle of Lecture(s)

Said Hamdioui

Lecture 1: Device Aware Test: The Means to Win the War Against Unmodeled Faults 

Lecture 2: Computation-in-Memory Architectures for Edge-AI

Yongpan Liu

Lecture 1: Energy Efficient Nonvolatile Intelligent IoT Processor and Its Applications

Lecture 2: Energy Efficient Sparse Machine Learning Processor
Ljiljana Trajkovic

Lecture 1: Complex Networks

Lecture 2: Data Mining and Machine Learning for Analysis of Network Traffic

Shimeng Yu

Lecture 1: Circuit Design and Silicon Prototypes for Compute-in-Memory for Deep Learning Inference Engine

Lecture 2: Tutorial - NeuroSim: A Benchmark Framework of Compute-in-Memory Hardware Accelerators from Devices/Circuits to Architectures/Algorithms

Xiao-Ping (Steven) Zhang

Lecture 1: Localization and Tracking for Internet of Things

2020 - 2022 Distinguished Lecturers
SpeakerTitle of Lecture(s)

Vivek De

Lecture 1: Variation-Tolerant & Error-Resilient Many-Core SoCs with Fine-Grain Power Management

Roberto Gómez-García

Lecture 1: Reconfiguring the World: Adaptive-Transfer-Function and Multi-Band Filtering Devices for Emerging Wireless Systems

Lecture 2: Dīvide et īmpera? Multi-Functional RF Filtering Components for Modern Wide-Band/Multi-Band Wireless RF Front-Ends
Georges Gielen

Lecture 1: Designing Analog Functions Without Analog Circuits

Lecture 2: Towards Unfailing Analog Circuits for Biomedical and Automotive Applications  

Minkyu Je


Lecture 1: Integrated Circuits and Microsystems for Emerging Biomedical Applications

Lecture 2: Integrated Circuits Interfacing with Neurons

Gerald Sobelman

Lecture 1: Machine Learning and Optimization for Communications and Deep Networks

Mircea Stan

Lecture 1: Processing in Memory (PIM) - Power and Thermal Challenges and Opportunities

Lecture 2: Smart Dust with Asynchronous Stream Processing (ASP)

Zhihua Wang

Lecture 1: Binaural Hearing Aid and Artificial Intelligence in Fitting and Signal Processing 

Lecture 2: Challenges and the Design of RF a transceiver for medical applications


Past DLP Lectures