Dear IEEE CASS Members,

I am pleased to announce the publication of the next issue of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Newsletter (

Best Regards
Chi K. (Michael) Tse

Newsletter Contents:


  • New CAS Fellows 2020  

Society News

  • IEEE CASS Call for 2020 Awards Nominations — Yong Lian

Chapter News

  • IEEE CASS-EDS-SSCS Wuhan Joint Chapter Held Opening Ceremony and Organized Advanced Integrated Circuits Forum — Chao Wangi
  • Spain CAS Chapter Won the Best Chapter Award — Antonio Lopez-Martin
  • Chongqing CAS Chapter Established — U-Fat Chio and Yoshifumi Nishio

Publication News

  • Launching the IEEE Open Journal of Circuits and Systems — Gabriele Manganaro, Mohamad Sawan, and Yong Lian
  • Latest Tables of Contents of CAS Sponsored Journals

Call for Papers & Invitations

  • ISCAS 2020, Seville, Spain (May 2019)
  • APCCAS 2019, Bangkok, Thailand (December 2019) 
  • LASCAS 2020, San José, Costa Rica (February 2020)
  • AICAS 2020, Genoa, Italy (March 2020)
  • ISQED 2020, Santa Clara, USA (March 2020)
  • VLSI DAT 2020, Hsinchu, Taiwan (April 2020)