The winners of the award are expected to report to CASS on their progress (including list of publications) twice: first at the end of the following academic year and second when completing their Ph.D. studies.

2021 Abdul Rehman Aslam and Theodoros Panagiotis Chatzinikolaou

2020 Corey Lammie and Yifei Shen

2019 Olga Krestinskaya

2018 Gain Kim

2017 Divya Pathak and Xinfei Guo

2016 Kai Ho Mak and Woorham Bae

2015 Lorenzo Bisoni and Hugo Cruz

2014 Chamith Wijenayake and Mohammed Affan Zidan

2013 Sewook Hwang

2011 Michael A. Turi

2010 Ioannis L. Syllaios