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Last Updated: April 22, 2021

Design and Optimization of Resonance-Based Efficient Wireless Power Delivery Systems for Biomedical Implants
RamRakhyani, A.K.; Mirabbasi, S.; Mu Chiao
Publication Year: 2011, Page(s): 48- 63
Cited by 953

Design and Optimization of Printed Spiral Coils for Efficient Transcutaneous Inductive Power Transmission
Uei-Ming Jow; Ghovanloo, M
Publication Year: 2007, Page(s): 193 - 202
Cited by 691

A Frequency Control Method for Regulating Wireless Power to Implantable Devices
Ping Si; Hu, A.P.; Malpas, S.; Budgett, D.
Publication Year: 2007, Page(s): 22 - 29
Cited by 632

Design and Optimization of a 3-Coil Inductive Link for Efficient Wireless Power Transmission
Kiani, M.; Uei-Ming Jow; Ghovanloo, M.
Publication Year: 2011, Page(s): 579-591
Cited by 602

An Energy-Efficient Micropower Neural Recording Amplifier
Wattanapanitch, W.; Fee, M.; Sarpeshkar, R.
Publication Year: 2007, Page(s): 136 - 147
Cited by 503

Energy Efficient Medium Access Protocol for Wireless Medical Body Area Sensor Networks
Omeni, O.; Wong, A.; Burdett, A.J.; Toumazou, C
Publication Year: 2008, Page(s): 251-259
Cited by 455

Feedback Analysis and Design of RF Power Links for Low-Power Bionic Systems
Baker, M.W.; Sarpeshkar, R.
Publication Year: 2007, Page(s): 28-38
Cited by 398

Maximum Achievable Efficiency in Near-Filed Coupled Power-Transfer Systems 
Zargham, M; Gulak, P.G.
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s): 228-245
Cited by 351

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