June 2017, Volume 64, Issue 6

Analog and Mixed Mode Circuits and Systems

High-Efficiency Millimeter-Wave Energy-Harvesting Systems With Milliwatt-Level Output Power

M. Nariman, F. Shirinfar, S. Pamarti, A. Rofougaran, F. D. Flaviis

PPV Modeling of Memristor-Based Oscillators and Application to ONN Pattern Recognition

H. Wang, M. Qi, B. Wang

A Self-Resonant Two-Coil Wireless Power Transfer System Using Open Bifilar Coils
C. M. de Miranda, S. F. Pichorim

High-Resolution Time-Interleaved Eight-Channel ADC for Li-Ion Battery Stacks

D. G. Muratore, E. Bonizzoni, S. Verri, F. Maloberti

An Adaptive Blind Frequency-Response Mismatches Calibration Method for Four-Channel TIADCs Based on Channel Swapping

H. Liu, H. Xu

A Novel Wideband Compact Microstrip Coupled-Line Ring Hybrid for Arbitrarily High Power-Division Ratios

H.-R. Ahn, M. M. Tentzeris

Low-Power Gm−C Filter Employing Current-Reuse Differential Difference Amplifiers

J. S. Mincey, C. Briseno-Vidrios, J. Silva-Martinez, C. T. Rodenbeck

A 34-pJ/bit Area-Efficient ASK Demodulator Based on Switching-Mode Signal Shaping

M. L. Navaii, M. Jalali, H. Sadjedi

A 0.035-pJ/bit/dB 20-Gb/s Adaptive Linear Equalizer With an Adaptation Time of 2.68 μs

K.-Y. Chen, W.-Y. Chen, S.-I. Liu

A 250-Mb/s to 6-Gb/s Referenceless Clock and Data Recovery Circuit With Clock Frequency Multiplier

J.-Y. Kim, J. Song, J. You, S. Hwang, S.-G. Bae, C. Kim

A 0.015-mm2 Inductorless 32-GHz Clock Generator With Wide Frequency-Tuning Range in 28-nm CMOS Technology

G.-S. Jeong, W. Kim, J. Park, T. Kim, H. Park, D.-K. Jeong

Circuits and Systems for Communications

Space–Time Trellis-Coded OFDM Systems in Frequency-Selective Mobile Fading Channels

H.-G. Yeh, S. Yıldız

On the Dual-Frequency Impedance/Admittance Characteristic of Multisection Commensurate Transmission Line

M. A. Maktoomi, M. Akbarpour, M. S. Hashmi, F. M. Ghannouchi

Computer Aided Design and Electronic Design Automation

Maximum Energy Efficiency Tracking Circuits for Converter-Less Energy Harvesting Sensor Nodes

Y. Sun, Z. Yuan, Y. Liu, X. Li, Y. Wang, Q. Wei, Y. Wang, V. Narayanan, H. Yang

Control Theory and Systems

Global Stabilization of Multiple Oscillator Systems by Delayed and Bounded Feedback

X. Yang, B. Zhou, J. Lam

A New Frequency-Limited Interval Gramians-Based Model Order Reduction Technique

U. Zulfiqar, M. Imran, A. Ghafoor, M. Liaquat

Finding the Most Influential Nodes in Pinning Controllability of Complex Networks

A. M. Amani, M. Jalili, X. Yu, L. Stone

Enhancing Pinning Controllability of Complex Networks Through Link Rewiring

M. Jalili, X. Yu

Digital Circuits and Systems and VLSI

Energy and Delay Tradeoffs of Soft-Error Masking for 16-nm FinFET Logic Paths: Survey and Impact of Process Variation in the Near-Threshold Region

F. S. Alghareb, R. A. Ashraf, A. Alzahrani, R. F. DeMara

A 10T-4MTJ Nonvolatile Ternary CAM Cell for Reliable Search Operation and a Compact Area

B. Song, T. Na, J.P. Kim, S. H. Kang, S.-O. Jung

Toward an Efficient Multiview Display Processing Architecture for 3DTV

P. Ren, X. Zhang, H. Bi, H. Sun, N. Zheng

Energy-Efficient Adaptive Match-Line Controller for Large-Scale Associative Storage

S. Mishra, A. Dandapat

Nonlinear Circuits and Systems

An Integrated Circuit Design for a Dynamics-Based Reconfigurable Logic Block
B. Kia, K. Mobley, W. L. Ditto

Signal Processing

Hankel Norm Performance of Digital Filters Associated With Saturation

C. K. Ahn, P. Shi

Retention-Aware Belief-Propagation Decoding for NAND Flash Memory

C. A. Aslam, Y. L. Guan, K. Cai

A Class of Weighted Quantized Kernel Recursive Least Squares Algorithms

S. Wang, W. Wang, S. Duan