DateEventSection/ChapterEvent Location
14 October 2020Brillianse - Development, and Applications of the World's Highest Spatial Resolution Direct Conversion X-Ray DetectorNorth Jersey SectionVirtual
14 October 2020Mobile Source Tracking for Well Logging and Industrial RadiograpyRichland SectionWashington, DC
15 October 2020Making Healthcare More Accessible via AI: Extension of TelemedicineVictorian SectionVirtual
15 October 2020Oregon - Atomic Layer Etching, Deposition, and Modification Processes for Future Nanoscale-DevicesOregon Section Portland, Oregon
19 October 20204th IEEE Seasonal School on Digital Processing of Visual Signals and ApplicationsRio Grande do Sul SectionVirtual
19 October 2020Electron Code WarsCosta Rica SectionVirtual
20 October 2020Highlights of Nanoelectronics-Oriented Research in RomaniaRomania SectionVirtual
21 October 20202020 IEEE 26th International Symposium for Design and Technology in Electronic PackagingHungary/Romania SectionPitesti, Arges, Romania
27 October 202050 - 250 GHZ Power Amplifiers MMICS-Design, Status, and Opportunities Using a 250-NM INP HBT TechnologyNorth Jersey SectionNorth Jersey, Jersey
28 October 2020Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) 101 - Standards, Concepts, and ArchitectureVictorian SectionMelbourne, Victoria
3 November 2020Perception and Control for Autonomous Flying RobotsPhiladelphia SectionPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
4 November 2020Early Career Women in STEM Paper & Grant Writing WorkshopSydney SectionSydney, New South Wales
10 November 202010th IEEE CASS Rio Grande do Sul WorkshopRio Grande do Sul SectionVirtual
10 November 2020State-of-the-Art Automotive Radar System Architectures - and What Else We Can Do with ThemNorth Jersey SectionVirtual
17 November 2020Towards 100GBPS Fully Integrated Wireless Communication TransceiversOrange County SectionVirtual

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